1.1 The reservation is valid only when the client send the filled reservation form, and the service must be payed also if not used. The client can delete the reservation without paying any fee 3 days before the booked day.
1.2 With the reservation, the client accepts that the rented space is suitable and satisfy the client's expectations.


2.1 The duration of the service is the time from the scheduled booked time to the expiring of the rented slot. Every minute/hour should be considered overtime, and be payed separetly.


3.1 KRUDEStudio must be used only for photographic and video shootings.
3.2 Is strictly forbidden to use the studio for different scopes, expecially using the studio for unlegal behaviours, including shootings against the laws at the moment of the shoot.
3.3 Is strictly forbidden to bring inside the studio alcoolic or narcotic substances, and every item that is prohibited by the law to bring or to use.
3.4 The client must follow all the fire safety regulations, health regulations, environmental regulations, the rules of operation of buildings, engineering equipment, the rules of public policy.
3.5 Any equipment available to the user should be used in compliance with the safety rules and according to the rules of photographic art to avoid any damage to property and/or people.

3.6 The equipment, fornitures and accessories of the studio must be returned in the same condition in which they were given. The user can bring and use its own equipment for which it assumes full responsibility for any order and be sure to comply with the safety rules.
3.7 In case of damage to the equipment provided by KRUDE Studio, which are due to inexperience, tampering, negligence and/or carelessness in the use of the same by the user, KRUDE Studio, will provide for replacement or repair, and will charge to the user the costs.
3.8 The introduction in the studio of extra materials, for example feathers or sand, can be entered by the user, but only with the agreement of the society and must be removed by the user before the end of the booked time.
3.9 KRUDE Studio disclaims any responsibility for items allegedly forgotten in the studio that are not found.
3.10 Prior to delivery to the user the equipped booked space the studio's staff will do, in presence of the user himself, a complete inspection of the environment, plant, equipment, apparatus and accessories installed and will check any damage and / or malfunctions. A similar inspection will be done at the end of the use of space and facilities in the event of damage to structures, decorations, furniture, furnishings and accessories as well as failures to facilities, equipment, and accessories, and every damage will be charged to the user.


4.1 The fee for the use of equipped spaces is established by KRUDE Studio, of which the user is made aware when booking.


5.1 The placement, installation and / or the safety of property, plant and equipment and their accessories introduced in space by the user, are in total charge by the user himself, which exempts from any responsibility KRUDEstudio for any damages that they should cause to third parties for any cause and/or reason. Similarly the study is expressly exonerated from any responsibility for the damage that the goods plants, equipment and accessories used by the user could receive during the use of space and for reasons not attributable to the same causes.
5.2 The study disclaims any responsibility and in any case, the user declares to indemnify and hold harmless the same study for the damages caused to third parties by the use of the goods, tools, machinery, appliances and equipment used by the user that are due to him.
5.3 The user is also responsible for any damage caused to the structures, decorations, furniture, furnishings, plant, equipment, machinery, equipment, and accessories rented by the studio.


6.1 Within the area is excluded every activity of trade so the user expressly declares to have been informed that it is forbidden any bargaining inside.


7.1 Any breach of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions and any breach of the requirements of use of space equipped as specified in the terms themselves, will make the immediate resolution of the same, and the user, after request by the studio's staff, will immediatly leave the studio free.
7.2 Upon termination of the contract the studio will retain the amounts received at the time of booking adding charge for further damage.